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Welcome to Blosls Plymonth Rock web page. We breed White Plymonth Rock Large Fowl and Bantams. R l,Red Bantams Buff Brahma Bantams,White Leghron Bantams and  Grey Call Bantam Ducks 
We promote the breed clubs of our birds mostly the Plymonth Rock Fanciers Club.

For more information on Plymonth Rocks go to the Plymonth Rock web site at        visit the fo  page for information:  and you can ask questions on your needs for Plymonth Rocks.

What's New? Go to our site and view our pictures on Plymonth Rocks.     (2011 BREEDING PENS)
Also go to my other web site Blosls Rhode Island Reds

Contact me at or call me at 251 945 5990 for prices on our started chicks and hatching eggs for all our breeds for 2012.
Will be selling started chicks a total of 50 this coming year first time in five years. This strain has been line breed by me for 22 years and about 30 years by the late Oliver Bowen from California.

Started Chicks in January limited numbers

Go to our web site to see pictures of our Rocks.