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Blosls White Plymonth Rocks
About Me
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I breed white plymonth rock large fowl and bantams. My white rock large fowl strain is one of the oldest pure lines in the country nearly twenty years of line breeding. We breed for extended keels which gives our females that Dolly Partdon look. In the males no male is used in the breeding pen who does not have a full extended breast. The bantams are from David Christy line and are about five years old. I also have some of Danny Feathers bantams which have tight feathers and excellent type.

I am the new Sec of the Plymonth Rock Fanciers Club. I will be happy to get you a a member and send you information on how to breed, raise and show plymonth rocks.

I grew up in Centralia Washington. I was one of the members of the old Centralia Gang that went to the shows with Vern Sorenson in the 1960. We where a force to deal with. Members include Jim Volk of Onalaska Washington, Tom Durgen of Centralia, Washington and Mike Dooms of Centeralia Washington. I was part of a 4-H judging team and we won many awards and state champion ships at the shows we attended.

Join the Plymonth Rock Club

My new job is Sec of the Plymonth Rock Fanciers Club

Send your dues which are $15. adult member, $5. for junior member to Robert Blosl 14390 South Blvd Silverhill, Alabama 36576 We produce a newsletter four times a year with information of what is going on in the club and where the shows are located.


We also have Barred Rock Large Fowl the old Paul Hardy line from Georgia.

I am also a member of the Call Duck Club. We breed Grey Calls from Art Lundgren. We will birds for sale next year.

Started Chicks For Sale in 2011 email me at
call me at 1-251-945-5990