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Blosls Plymonth Rocks

Birds For Sale

Birds For Sale
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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

Eggs for sale this winter
Rocks and Reds
Shipped two day priorty mail
Limited numbers available
Started Chicks
Rocks and Reds
Three week old chicks
Lots of ten
Adulte birds
Rocks and Reds
Show birds and breeders
Limited numbers

Welcome to our web site
Blosls Poutlry Farm is Promoting Rhode Island Reds ,White Plymonth Rocks  in large fowl and bantams and . We also are breeders of Gray Call Bantam Ducks  and Buff Brahama Bantams. We support the clubs that sponser these breeds and whish to share our knowldege in articles that have been written in the past few years for your reading and enjoyment.

Please check out our web site to see the different pictures that we have on this site on Plymonth Rocks

Chicks and Eggs Forsale in Season

White Plymonth Rocks For Sale

Will have started chicks and eggs for sale in season of our great strain of large fowl white rocks,  and our white rock bantams. First come first serve. Limited numbers to share with you.
Our white rock bantams have been line breed for ten years and will offer started chicks in lots of ten this coming spring. Only about 50 chicks will be available.



Here's a list of some of my favorite Poultry Papers:

Go to our web site to see pictures of our Rocks.